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No, but if left on rubber areas it will. Ensure you rinse off excess De-Solv-it thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Yes, apply to a clean cloth, gently dab spot, rinse with warm soapy water, blot dry. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ONTO CARPET. Caution: If the De-Solv-it soaks through to the underlay and adhesive, it can bubble and separate, thus damaging the carpet. We also strongly recommend you trial it in a discreet spot first to ensure carpet is colourfast.

You do not want the De-Solv-it to settle on the backing/adhesive underneath the carpet as it will cause bubbling and separation. Caution and care are required with carpets.

It can be diluted with water, but this will reduce its effectiveness. De-Solv-it is not a concentrate.

No, however we always recommend to trial in a discreet spot first. Please note that De-Solv-it will remove wet oil based paint.

It should not be used on suede, leather, silk or unstained wood. It will stain these materials. It can also cause some plastics to turn milky. This is best discovered by trying in a discreet spot first. It also should not be used on porous surfaces such as untreated concrete or terracotta tiles; it will leave an oily stain on these surfaces.

That depends on the problem you are solving. It can vary from a few seconds, to a few minutes. Sometimes patience and repeating the process is necessary for very severe issues.

Do not use De-Solv-it on unstained wood, it will stain this material.

The De-Solv-it will be absorbed into the material and create a darkened stain.

If the concrete is untreated, yes, it will seep into the pores of the concrete. But this can be removed by high pressure washing/flushing the concrete with water. The De-Solv-it will then be diluted away.

It is a sign the De-Solv-it is working. You have partially cleaned the problem. Repeat the process with De-Solv-it, then wash down with warm soapy water.

The De-Solv-it needs another rinse to completely remove from the fabric. Sometimes, allowing the garment to air in the sunlight can bleach the spot away. Alternatively rewash the item in warm soapy water.

Yes, spray effected area with De-Solv-it, allow to penetrate then wipe with a clean cloth/sponge and rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water.

It’s temperature sensitive. 2 surfactants freeze if the temperature is 12 degrees and less. Shake the bottle and it should clear. If it is in the large drums, stir the drum. If you are going to decanter from a large drum into small containers, stir DSI every 15 – 30 mins to ensure it stays in solution.

No it will not alter its performance. Shake the bottle and it will usually clear, or stir if it is a large container.

No, there is no shelf life for De-Solv-it.